Thursday, January 31, 2008

As you can see....

As you can probably tell, I got my monthly mailing from Foreign Policy, and prevailed myself of the free access for some interesting articles. The picture of the soldier reading "Arabic for Dummines" had me laughing, but then got me to thinking. Those books are good and I think we need to print them and have them in the hands of every soldier serving in the Middle East. We are lothed over there as it is. We can't go and continue to keep making a bad name for ourselves.

The snow keeps falling and the weather guessers are saying that we might get 5 to 7 inches now, with points south of St. Louis getting more. I am in that "more" area. I know Zfrog is getting snow and she is way south of me so she is probably getting slammed. I am SO glad I am not working to night!

I have gone through the Astronomy group and changed all my posts for MESSENGER so that everyone can access them if anyone is interested in the results. They had a pres conference yesterday and released a gob of pictures and a couple of three videos. All are posted at Astronomy group for those who are interested.

Well that's about all for now. Hope everyone is staying warm and keep thinking those good thoughts.

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