Monday, January 7, 2008

Storm comming in.

Well, I have storms comming in. Everything that is hitting the Frog in SW Missouri is comming up here so we should be getting some heavy wrather soon. I have put my weather radio on and so far nothing for me here, but the TV stations are going spastic so I think I better get prepared. Z Frog looks like she should still be getting weather at the time of writing, but looks like flash flood warnings and so forth. (Checking the Weather Service website). So its hunker down mode at the bar and putting away all the breakables.

Alarm just went off. Tornado warning for Rolla till 9:15 pm. About 100 miles away from me. The storms generally follow the interstate for some strange reason. Here's to the weather and its Last Call for the night. We're closing early. :-)

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