Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reminder - MESSENGER Hi-Resolution Photos and Videos

For those interested, High Resolution versions of the photos featured in the blogs on MESSENGER are available in the Photo section under "MESSENGER Mercury 1 Flyby." All photos and grpahics featured in the Blogs are up to date. I have not posted very high resolution versions of the graphics which were featured in the press conference. Those wishing to get those graphics are welcome to access them at the MESSENGER website at and go to the News Room.

Apparently there is no video of the press conference itself, which was featured on the NASA Channel. They may rerun it there, but I have no idea as I am not a regular viewer of the channel itself.

MESSENGER photos will, in all likelihood, continue to be posted to the MESSENGER website. As they are posted, the photo section will continue to be updated with the new photos as well as updated on the blog.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments concerning the MESSENGER posts.

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