Sunday, January 20, 2008

News from your bartender.

Well, its been a while since I posted something other than a cut and paste. Cherri I do listen! :-)

So, I have been looking at the pictures from Mercury and love the wonderful new vistas we are seeing now. Can't wait to see all the results. There is a beautiful new rayed crater. Then with a picture released today, there is a crater with a central feature that looks like a phone
( honest to God! )
Since most features on Mercury are named for scientists and composers, I suspect that this one would be named for Alexander Graham Bell! LOL

There are some new scarps and so forth on some pictures.

The scarps like the one that bisects this crater are a unique feature to Mercury. The cause, its theorized, is that the planet is shrinking as its cooling and these scarps or "Rupes." One feature photographed by Mariner 10, Discovery Rupes is over a kilometer high.

Now the pictures above are new and unseen terrain. The first time these features have been seen by human eyes! However, you wouldn't have known it if you watched TV. Apparently we need to know more about Britney Spears latest mental breakdown than a world that has never been seen before. The BBC featured this story as number 5 in its world roundup the day of closest approach. NPR didn't have anything about it at all! I would have figured PUBLIC radio at least would have paid attention to it. None of the Morning shows I saw paid any attention to it. Its all a part of the dumbing down of America. Science and technology are being ignored as we sink further and further into the abyss. All we need to know in the schools is what is needed to work at Wal-Mart since that's all the jobs that are available now.

Now the other thing that is consuming my life now is the cold. It is DAYUMN cold outside! The thermometer says its 21, but we got down to 2, yes 2 degrees last night! We didn't break a record, but I HATE this weather. Every time I think about moving to Alaska I remember weather like this and forget it. I think the tropics are much more suited to my tastes. I want a vacation to the tropics at the moment. I am going to be driving around in the truck outside the mall tonight so I am going to be loving it I think. I got plenty of layers, but then again, layers aren't going to be good if it snows tomorrow like they say its going to be.

I think I need to get different work. I got my pay thing straightened out at work. Apparently I wasn't paid my shift differential for my hours, and that's where my missing money was from. Sooooo, it is supposed to be corrected with this paycheck. If they don't, then I am out the door. I have put up with enough with this job.

The other night they arrested the guy at the Convenience Store across the street for selling Marijuana. Oh, that's life in the big city I guess. Still its disappointing. Just make me want to get the hell out of there even more. Sometimes though, the hell you are in is better than the hell outside. I have this "Bird in the hand" thinking with my job. Better to have a job, then the dubious prospect of the possibility of another job somewhere else. Given the economic situation at the moment, I don't want to jump into something until I am sure what the future is going to bring. I do have my breaking point as I have said above, so we will see.

Well, I guess that's about it. Hope that all of you are well.

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