Friday, January 4, 2008

Busy day.

I don't know if I have said this but I have moved my Mom in with me. This the generic opposite of having your parents living with you in that you stay at your parents house. In this case, I have my Mom living in my house. There are many benefits to this, among them being home cooking! Gotta love it! But the drawback is the lack of privacy and its kinda crowded in the trailer. She has a lot of stuff and putting it all away just isn't possible. So we have another storage room we are renting till we can figure out what to do about my Mom's housing situation.

Mom lived on the top of the hill from where I live in another trailer. However, her trailer is literally falling apart around her, and there was so much water damage, I just didn't have the time and money to fix it. So, we sold the old place to a neighbor who can fix it up, and we will find Mom some nice place to live soon. I think we can find something section 8 or whatever around here. Soon I hope, cause she's gettin on my nerves. :-) She is sweet though and tries her best, but I think she is gettin that senile dementia and I am worried that she may not be able to be independent anymore, which is disheartening. I just hope that all can work out. We will make it through.

Anway, I did a lot of work moving today. As you can suspect, a 79 year old person can collect a LOT of stuff, and its been a chore moving it out. I think we will be through with the hose by next weekend. After that, comes the outside storage barn and that will be that. Thank God everything will be done. I am just drained and I have to go to work tonight now. Oh I wish I could take the night off.

Well, I hope you all are feeling good. Thanks all of you for being such good friends and making the season a little bright. With all that's been on my plate of late, I have been almost going insane and its been you all here that have kept me thinking and getting my mond off the problems I have been going through. God bless you all.

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